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Young girl screaming about the mole hole
Young girl screaming about the mole hole


vole controlVole control can be time consuming because they live primarily in tunnels and runways under the lawn surface. A vole, AKA a ‘meadow mouse’ or ‘field mouse’, usually feed on shrubs and grass during the winter. They dig holes that are abut an inch in diameter throughout the bark beds. Vole damage is the worst when the snow melts.

Voles construct well-defined, visible tunnels, or “runways” at or near the surface, about two inches wide. Since voles are not the only animal pests responsible for runways in lawn and garden areas, they are often confused with these other pests you’d like to get rid of – namely, moles. Moles produce two types of runways in your yard, ones similar to voles near the surface and others much deeper connecting tunnels. The mounds of dirt excavated from the deeper tunnels are a dead giveaway that your problem is not voles, but moles. Voles leave no mounds at all behind.

Vole damage can look like this:

vole damageWe offer a vole control program that includes a granular repellent application to deter their digging in your bark beds. This application should go down prior to snow. If we have a thaw in the winter, it is a good idea to apply it again. One application in the foundational beds of an average house costs $50.00. We can also treat your entire lawn. Contact us for a price to treat your entire lawn and other non-foundational beds.

Follow this link to read about voles as written by John M. O’Brien at the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

Typical Vole Damage:

Combined Vole Damage

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