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Dew on grass
Dew on grass


Why deer control?

While deer are very gracious creatures, their appetite can make you think twice about your affection for them. A deer grazing in a field is a beautiful sight. But if you like plants, a deer in your yard means trouble. To them, your landscape plantings and gardens are a free, all-you-can-eat restaurant with plenty of menu choices and convenient, 24-hour access. Your lawn, during the winter, becomes a feeding ground for local deer.  Deer will eat any plants during the winter, as they don’t have much of an option.

Deer eat many of the same things rabbits do and are also common around yards. Deer have no front teeth but strip bark by raking their incisors upward, making a two-inch gouge. When deer eat foliage, they tear it off, leaving ragged edges, while rabbit and rodent browsing leaves a clean-cut edge.

Plants ranked most tolerant to Deer:



Why now and not before?

As the summer comes to an end and the colder temperatures come in, many food sources for deer begin to die off.  This is the point in which deer will venture out from their natural habitat and into your gardens and landscaping. This is where we can help you.  With our monthly visits, we can help keep deer off your plants.

deer control

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