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Dew on grass


Chipmunks Control

Chipmunk control is important because although they are very cute but they can also be very destructive.  They dig in the landscaping and under patios, porches, and sidewalks. They like bird seed, so by not feeding the birds in the summer may deter them.Landscaping features, such as ground cover, trees, and shrubs, should not be planted in continuous fashion connecting wooded areas with the foundations of homes. They provide protection for chipmunks that may attempt to gain access into the home. It is also difficult to detect chipmunk burrows that are adjacent to foundations when wood piles, debris, or plantings of ground cover provide above-ground protection.

Trapping is the most practical method of chipmunk control in most home situations. Live-catch wire-mesh traps or common rat snap traps can be used to catch chipmunks. We have a trapping program where we come out 6 times.  At the beginning of service we may be out there 1 – 2 times a week, but at the end of the serivce it may become every other week, depending on the level of infestation.  The traps are in boxes so that children and pets cannot access them.  This also conceals the trapped animal from sight.

Chipmunks are not protected by federal law, nor are they protected under the Michigan’s wildlife laws and may be taken at any time. If you are carrying a firearm, bow and arrow or slingshot for the purposes of taking them as wild animals, a license is required. If you are experiencing chipmunk damage and are controlling them within the confines of your home, yard and associated buildings, a license is not required.

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