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We take moles very seriously and specialize in mole control. We have full time, year around technicians whose only job is to control moles. We have a national reputation despite only servicing Michigan.


We caught 4,304 moles in 2015 alone!

4,143 Moles trapped in 2016 as of November 30th.

27,046 moles have been killed since we started keeping track in 2005.


Michigan Animal Control | Moles, Voles, Mosquitos, Wasps

We’re animal control experts. Our Molebuster Specialists focus on animal control solutions for homeowners, property managers, businesses and government. We are animal control experts. We get rid of animal problems and prevent them from recurring. In order to control the enemy, you must first understand them and declare war on them before they wreak havoc on your lawn, ornamentals, and trees.

Our Animal and Insect Pest Control Services include:

Need Animal Control?

Where-ever your pests are, from Holland to Detroit, we’re as close as the phone.

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